XXIII ~May 2009

I was hopi  I was hoping to have something to tell you all about Miss Birdie's book – but I don't. I've done the rewrite as suggested by Herself, my long-suffering editor, and sent it off to New York. But, as yet, no word.

The change – getting rid of a subplot and a supporting character who was stealing some of Miss Birdie's thunder – wasn't too painful. I was fond of that character – which is, no doubt, why she was trying to elbow Miss B. aside – but I eliminated all traces of Myrna Lou and I feel that Birdie's story is much stronger now. (Myrna Lou's particulars are safe in a file labeled for a possible future book.)

So here I am in a writerly Limbo – not wanting to dive into the next book when any moment may bring a communication telling me I'm not yet done with this one. Fortunately, there's a house in need of Spring cleaning and a garden in need of weeding and hoeing and more planting to keep me from fretting.

And books to read . . . I've been having a little orgy of reading! I've even watched a tiny bit of TV (The Daily Show and The Colbert Report) and the occasional episode on DVD of Prime Suspect.

But I'm ready to get on with it – to finish up Birdie's book and move on to the next Elizabeth. There's a nagging question yet to be resolved – that puzzling midnight message on the answering machine . . .



( or ‘you uns,' as Miss Birdie would say)

Elaine in (not so sunny) Hawaii says: I was horrified when I read your April Fool's spoof! My actual thought was, "NO,NO,NO,NO!" I had forgotten that today is the first of April! Good one.

Nothing new here: still raining. We had sun yesterday till about 130p, then the rain started again. Last week, we went to Kona
to escape the rain and see sunshine. Alas, the vog was thick enough to hide the sun: at least, there was no rain. I have an inkling what SAD (SADD?) must be like.

Re books: try THE WOOD BEYOND by Reginald Hill. This mystery is twofold: a present murder with roots in WWI. Involves a place
I'd never heard of but which remains fresh in the British mind . . .

Actually, you all had a number of reactions to my April foolery, from my agent's succinct ‘Smart ass,' to “ MIZ VICKI, AS THEY SAY IN THESE HILLS....YOU ARE SO FULL OF SHEEYAT!!” from She Who Shall Be Unnamed. And more than one of you believed it was true. Evidently Hollywood really does do things as weird as to cast Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock as Elizabeth and Phillip. Who knew?

Sadie S. recommends: a book I just finished called Loving Frank  by Nancy Horan about the lives of Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick and an affair that caused much stir in the early 1900's. I found it to be excellent writing.

Liz tells me: My friends just returned from France and I now have a copy of
your book in French! They ordered it online (French version of Amazon)
but later when they went to the grocery store - there it was!



Books I've enjoyed during the past month

                    The Other Boleyn Girl
by Phillipa Gregory

With Child
by Laurie R. King

Night Work by Laurie R. King

                                     What Came Before He Shot Her by Elizabeth George

Careless in Red by Elizabeth George

                Notes from No Man's Land by Eula Biss

       Death's Jest Book by Reginald Hill

            Murder in the Bastille by Cara Black

                    Mourn Not Your Dead by Deborah Crombie

           In a Dark House by Deborah Crombie

                     Assassination Vacation (audio) by Sarah Vowel

                                        The Silver Chair and The Last Battle (audio) by C.S. Lewis

             Pride and Prejudice (audio) by Jane Austen


Vicki's Schedule


Friday and Saturday, May 8-9 -- Blue Ridge Book and Author Showcase. Blue Ridge Community College, Hendersonville, NC.

I'm really excited about this. Sharyn McCrumb, Kay Byer, Sheila Kay Adams, and Joan Medlicott – all of whom have befriended me and helped me on my journey – will be presenting, as well as many other noted writers – including Robert Morgan.

I'll l be speaking at 10 AM on Saturday the 9 th and will have a table in the exhibit area where I'll be available throughout the day.

There will be an all-day program of presentations on a variety of topics of interest to any book lover. Free and open to the public, the event is being held in the magnificent new Technical Education and Development Center on the college campus, an ideal venue for this type of gathering. Best-selling author and native son of Hendersonville , Robert Morgan, is honorary chairman. Sharyn McCrumb, award-winning novelist and popular featured speaker, is the keynote speaker.

Complete details of the program schedule, lunch arrangements, directions to the site, etc., can be found at .

Wednesday, June 10 – Presentation at Henderson County Public Library, Hendersonville, NC (check schedule on my blog for more information)

Saturday, August 1, Haywood Book Mania, Waynesville, NC More info to come

Saturday, August 22, Episcopal Women's Luncheon, Waynesville, NC.

Friday and Saturday, September 11-12 - CAROLINA MOUNTAINS LITERARY FESTIVAL,  Burnsville, NC.  Info here .


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