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Extra: November 16, 2007!


My agent and editor have just confirmed that I will have a contract for two more books!




In today's very crowded market, series mysteries are dropped by their publishers all the time. Publishing's a business and what counts is the number of books sold. While my sales have been okay, the bean counters are always looking for more. But fortunately, my editor (I've mentioned Herself before) really likes Elizabeth and her world. Herself has faith in the work and has convinced the powers-that-be that Elizabeth has a future.


Many thanks to all of you who have supported the Elizabeth Goodweather books! And now, a look ahead. . .


Book Five ( Under the Skin is my working title but that may well change) begins with a call from Elizabeth 's sister (Ben's mother.)


Chapter 1


“Gloria's a…a complicated person.” Elizabeth put down the phone and glowered at it, as if the innocuous plastic object were responsible for this new and unwelcome twist in her life. “Or, as they say around here, crazy as a shithouse rat. And this is most definitely not a good time. But if things are so bad with her husband that she wants to come stay with me for a month or longer, what can I do? And things must be seriously bad. Glory hates it here – ‘too much Nature,' she always says, as if Nature was something you wouldn't want to step in.”

Phillip looked up from his book. “This guy's – what - her third husband? So problems with married life aren't entirely new to your sister. What's the big deal this time?”

Elizabeth continued to stare at the telephone, trying to make sense of the just-ended call. “Well, according to Gloria, the problem is that Jerry's trying to kill her.”

He wants me dead, Lizzy. These little things keep happening – the slick place at the top of the stairs; the food poisoning; the car that side-swiped me when I was out power-walking and just kept going – and that's only three things –there were more and I know they weren't all accidents. I'm sure of it now. He wants me dead. I know too much about his so-called businesses.

And there'll be a sub plot from 1889 or thereabouts. The twenty-three year old DeVine Twins (Dorothea (Thea) and Theodora (Dora) – on the spiritualist circuit since they were 14 -- have set up shop at the newly-built Mountain Park Hotel in the newly-renamed town of Hot Springs (previously Warm Springs) NC .


As for Book 6 (working title The Day of Small Things) – this will be a bit of a departure. It was Herself's idea that Book 6 focus on . . . wait for it . . .Miss Birdie! I'm very excited about this as I've always known that there was more to Birdie than what we've seen so far. Book 6 ( this is all subject to change, of course) will be set in the present day with Miss Birdie, her cousin Dorothy, and Aunt Belvy, the prophetess from the Holiness Church ( Signs in the Blood), as the main characters. The subplot will be from 1928 -1939 and will be the story of a girl called Least.


So I'm looking forward to getting these stories out of my head and into books for you all. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for making it possible!




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