II – August, 2007

OLD WOUNDS went back to press for a second printing on July third, after being on sale for only a week! Thanks to all of you who bought a book and especially to those who also bought one for a friend!

The drought that was making us miserable a month ago has given way to almost daily rain and the weeds are winning. I'm not complaining; it's wonderful to hear water in the branches again and to see the pastures looking lush and green instead of crisp and brown. 

Darlene in Asheville asks: does Elizabeth Goodweather ever roam around outside of her beloved Marshall County ? I was thinking that the very creative Penland School would be a great setting for another adventure .

I very well might send Elizabeth to Penland, either as a teacher or as a student, some day.  I've always wanted to take a course there myself and that would be a good (and tax-deductible) excuse to do so.

Marsh in Madison County relates the following story: When we moved in here I visited my neighbor down the ridge. … A big yellow dog came around the house and was sniffing around my legs. The neighbor noticed and said, “'At's a mean dog.” I said, “I hope he's not mean to me!” He grinned and said, “Shoot, ‘at dog wouldn't bite nothin' but a bis-kit.”

Perhaps you could open a discussion of mountain speech patterns and vocabulary.

I'd like to do that – especially if my webmistress could add an interactive forum to my web site. Stay tuned.

Margaret wants to hear about the farm, also likes Elizabeth 's (or my) reflections on
older women. The following covers at least one of these.


Popped awake at six to see the sun, a huge ominous dark red sphere, just rising in the haze of what looks like another Very Hot Day. I hear cattle bawling and leap out of bed, convinced that I'm going to find that wretched little Heifer-Who-Walks-Through-Fences back in my garden. (My husband, who generally is in charge of roaming cattle, is out of town.) I shove my feet into a pair of clogs and, in my night gown, head out the back door. The air is deliciously cool with just a hint of morning moisture and I hurry down the driveway to see if the heifer's in the corn.

Tender mercies prevail -- she's not; the cattle are, so far as I can tell, where they belong, but as long as I'm up, I decide to pull the hose to fill the watering tank we have for the cows as the branches are running very low.
Then, since I have the hose out anyway, I water my shade garden there on the edge of the pasture. It's full of ferns and hellebores, hardy begonias, Italian arums, ivy, rhododendrons, and hostas, all looking happy to have a brief moment of wet foliage.

I start back for the house, detouring through the herb garden.

An hour later, having pulled some weeds, picked some squash and lettuce and herbs, dead-headed some daylilies, and generally diddled around in the garden, I notice that I'm still in my nightgown. Ah, the joys of living half a mile up the mountain where there are no passersby!

Early July morning in my garden ~Eddie the cat in the foreground

I prayed for this: a little piece of land where I could garden, an ever-flowing spring close by, and a small patch of woods above the house. The gods gave all I asked and more.

I pray for nothing more but that these blessings last my life's full term.


July 27,

First homegrown tomato of the season – a big, weird-looking but sublime tasting Cherokee Purple. Yep, they're still green on top when they're ripe.


There are two pictures above. If you don't see them, mouse over the empty space, left click, and pictures should appear. Let me know if this isn't working for you – I'm just learning how to do this stuff.

Coming Events 


Beginning in September, Vicki will be teaching a 1o session class on writing popular fiction. The class is offered through UNCA's Great Smokies Writing Program and will meet Wednesdays, 6:30 -9:00 at The Randolph Learning Center ( 90 Montford Avenue , Asheville ). September 12, 19, 26, October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, November 7, 14. For more information contact Dr. Elaine Fox ( ) or see


Saturday, August 4 – Haywood Book Mania , Haywood Justice Center , Main Street , Waynesville , NC . 9-5. Ticketed party Friday night at Osondu Booksellers, 6 PM. More info from


Friday, August 10. 6 pm. -- Accent on Books , 854 Merrimon Avenue , Asheville , NC . Vicki will be reading from and talking about the recently released Old Wounds. Wine and cheese reception. Contact: 828.252.6255


Sept 14-15 Carolina Literary Festival -- Burnsville , NC . A Reading of Mountain Mysteries and Q&A with Vicki Lane 1:30 - 2:15 on Friday, September 14 and A Reading of Mountain Mysteries and Q&A with Vicki Lane 3:30 - 4:15 on Friday, September 14


Nov. 10 – Great Smoky Mountains Book Fair- Sylva, NC. First United Methodist Church , Jackson Street , 9-3.


As always, I'd love to hear from you!

Happy August!


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